Experience and Expertise

Tim Bobo, the force behind STAVE, has been working hard from a very young age. As a young boy living on a dairy, he learned all the practical skills needed to build a career in construction. But no less important is the work ethic instilled by his parents. Work on a dairy never stops and there was certainly much to be done. As with most of us, the work wasn’t always welcomed as a young person but it shaped and molded Tim into someone who enjoys work for work’s sake but also for the satisfaction of seeing results from his efforts.

After graduating from Texas A&M, Tim served his community as a police officer for nine years. During this time he continued building his construction business into what would later become STAVE.

Tim’s can-do attitude and dedication to service make him ideally suited for designing and building your fences, walls and other boundaries. The circumstances and problems are varied and require a mind geared toward problem solving and delivering the best outcomes.