It all starts with you. When you call Tim and the STAVE team we hope you’ll see the immediate commitment to service. We begin the process by learning about you and your fencing needs. After an initial phone conversation, our goal is to be on site promptly to further discover and gather the information needed in order to propose a solution for your property.

After the plan is set, we begin to execute and deliver your fence solution. We strive for the highest quality both in materials and building methods. As a result, we probably won’t be the cheapest option around but you can trust that the fence or wall we build for you will last long term. There is a big difference between “done right” and “good enough”.

When our work is complete we leave your property clean and with as little impact as possible—aside from the beautiful boundary that we constructed for you.

A Focus on Design

Stave is proud to offer solutions that function well but also look beautiful. With a family history of design we can’t help but continue this tradition in our work and this is is most evident in our line of decorative gates and other custom solutions.


A fence is essential in preserving, protecting and defining your property. We have a wealth of experience in building different types of fences including cedar split rail, privacy fence, cedar stave, steel fencing, rock/stucco walls, traditional field fencing and anything else we may dream up.

Updates and Repairs

We do much more than just fence and wall construction. Outside structures are exposed to all sorts of harsh conditions and so maintenance and repairs are vital to their preservation. We repair and maintain homes, sheds, barns, fences, walls and just about any structure on your property. Our clients love the convenience of having STAVE take care of all their repair and update needs.

Entrances and Automatic Gates

An entrance is an important part of your property and gives first impressions. When done right, it conveys welcome and warmth to your guests. For you and your family it is a daily source of pride and homecoming as you pass through its beauty. To unwelcome intruders a proper entrance marks your property as a defensible space and is a simple but effective deterrent of crime and unwelcome solicitors.

Decorative Gates

Our gates are an example of how something functional can also be beautiful. We’ve taken the idea of a simple gate and transformed it into a strong, durable and well designed object that falls right in line with our goal of creating beautiful boundaries. We offer several styles to choose from, but if you prefer, we can design and build something custom for you. Tim and wife, Lara, work closely developing gates with Tim focusing on build and Lara on design. It’s the perfect marriage of form and function. View current designs at boboworkshop.com.

We are ready to discuss your project.